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Moses Lake Food Bank delivers Thanksgiving meals in drive-thru fashion

The Moses Lake Food Bank kicked off Thanksgiving week Monday by serving patrons through a drive-thru style pickup of their Thanksgiving meals.

“It works wonderfully,” said Peny Archer, Operations Manager for Community Services of Moses Lake.

Archer said this way of distributing food allows the clients to be able to stay in their cars, stay warm and not have to struggle to get several boxes of food to their vehicles.

She also noted Monday before Thanksgiving is usually their busiest day and they expected to serve 1,000 meals by the end of the week.

This week’s distribution includes a box of produce, a turkey or chicken, bread, eggs, stuffing and canned fruit, among other things.

“Because the kids are home and there are more mouths to feed during the holiday time,” Archer said, explaining why it is important for the bank to provide Thanksgiving-style meals along with their regular food distribution around the holiday.

Archer said they see an increase in the number of clients during the winter months, not just the holidays, for a number of reasons. She explained between electric bills going up, and the recent inflation, more and more people are using the food bank’s services.

“Our numbers do increase,” said Archer. “All of them do.”

Despite the increase in clientele, Archer said, they are not seeing any increase in donations to keep up with the demand. She noted the state of the economy is affecting everyone and it is resulting in increased demand on the food bank.

“Everything about it is pushing people to our doors,” Archer said.

Archer said that they also recognize it may be hard for people to come and get help from the food bank, so they do their best to be kind and welcoming to their patrons.

“Life has kicked them a lot before they ever get to our doors and so we want to be respectful and kind to them,” Archer said.

Volunteer Rexene Marshall said she has been helping out with the Moses Lake Food Bank for the last five to six years and enjoys being involved in the community.

“It’s nice to serve the people and see that they’re happy,” said Marshall.

Source: Columbia Basin Herald