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United States Partners with Pakistan to Help Farmers Improve Fertilizer Use

United States Ambassador to Pakistan Donald Blome today joined Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Ali of the Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC) at the National Agriculture Research Center (NARC) to announce the $4.5 million “Fertilizer Right” project. To be implemented over the next four years, the project will emphasize practices to help Pakistani farmers enhance fertilizer use efficiency. “Simply put, farmers need fertilizers to grow crops. The adoption of innovative and efficient fertilizer practices can alleviate pressure on fertilizer supplies, lower nitrous oxide emissions, and improve crop output. The U.S. Government looks forward to partnering with PARC and NARC to make this fertilizer project a success,” Ambassador Blome said.

The “Fertilizer Right” project is part of the U.S.-Pakistan “Green Alliance” framework, which helps our countries jointly face the climate, environmental, and economic challenges of the future.  A top priority of the “Green Alliance” is to cooperate on overcoming the challenges that agriculture faces because of climate change and collaborate to reduce the carbon emissions that contribute to climate change. The Ambassador also explained that the project is designed to help farmers produce more with less fertilizer applied, and therefore should help boost farmers’ incomes, while also protecting soil resources.

The United States remains firmly committed to partnering with the people of Pakistan to strengthen Pakistan’s economy and agricultural sector through collaborative research and technical assistance.

Source : USEmbassy