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Pakistan Cancels Military Parade Over Political Unrest, Economic Instability

The Pakistan Day parade, which is held annually on March 23, has been cancelled this  year due to growing political unrest and the nation’s floundering economic situation, as per a Zee News report. 

Pakistan’s army displays its equipment and military capabilities as part of the celebration of Pakistan Day, which honours the passage of the 1940 Lahore Resolution.

The highest leadership of the Pakistani military, according to Zee News, decided against holding a military parade to commemorate Pakistan Day.

The Pakistan Army’s senior commanders met last week in Rawalpindi’s General Headquarters and decided not to hold the parade this year to celebrate Pakistan Day.

In addition to being under pressure from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to reduce defence spending, the decision was made as a result of rising inflation and a faltering economy.

Also, Pakistan was required by the IMF this week to guarantee that its balance of payments deficit is completely covered for the remainder of the programme. The nation’s legislators must make sure they adhere to the external finance commitment the IMF is asking them to make.

In Islamabad, the Pakistan Day parade starts with a 31-gun salute, whereas the provincial capitals observe it with 21-gun salutes. The Covid-19 pandemic caused the cancellation of the event in 2020 as well, while bad weather forced the postponement of the event in 2022.

Source : WION