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IHRC Decry Plight Of Ahmadiyya In Pakistan

The International Human Rights Committee, IHRC, has decried the plight of Ahmadiyya people in Pakistan

The London-based NGO alleges that police in Pakistan often let violence against the Ahmadiyya go unpunished,

According to the IHRC there is no better illustration of the plight of the Ahmadiyya people in Pakistan than a recent video put out in the public domain by the London-based NGO,

In the video, with English subtitles and uploaded on Twitter, an Imam in Rawalpindi is seen threatening to break the legs of a school headmaster, finding it inconceivable that an Ahmadiyya could be appointed to such a professional position, his qualifications and experience notwithstanding.

Sadly, police in Pakistan often let violence against the Ahmadiyya go unpunished, and Mullahs incite mobsters through incendiary propaganda speeches on social media and otherwise to create social disturbance with the objective of killing an innocent citizen of Pakistan, ”according to IHRC.

The NGO also alleges that authorities in Pakistan have supported the discrimination and persecution through the Second Amendment to the Pakistani Constitution, passed on 7 September 1974, which declared that Ahmadiyyas are not Muslims, and Ordinance XX, promulgated on 26 April 1984, that forbids references to Islam and even the use of Islamic terms and titles for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at.

The truth is that the Ahmadiyya in Pakistan do not even have the right to be called Muslims, the NGO disclosed.

In its Annual Report on the state of human rights in 2022, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, released on 26 April this year, said members of the Ahmadiyya community were targeted and several of their places of worship and over 90 graves desecrated, primarily in Punjab.

According to the report, in a separate incident, an Ahmaddiya community Mosque was demolished in the Mirpur Khas in Sindh province and the Shias in Pakistan are also continuously being targeted.

The Secretary General of IHRC, Nasim Malik speaking on a situation disclosed that this has become unbearable in Pakistan and lamented that there are many Masood Bhattis who are discriminated and threatened in their daily life and job just for the ’crime’ of being Ahmadi.

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