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Turkmenistan, Pakistan Pledge to Strengthen Cultural Ties

The Ambassador of Turkmenistan, Atadjan Movlamov, and the caretaker Federal Minister for National Heritage and Culture discussed mutual interests, with a particular emphasis on cultural relations between their nations during a meeting.

They jointly expressed their commitment to strengthening ties, especially in the realm of cultural heritage, and affirmed their determination to broaden connections across various domains.

Minister Jamal Shah highlighted the potential for collaboration in various artistic fields to further strengthen the robust people-to-people bonds between Pakistan and Turkmenistan. He also proposed the initiation of co-film production as an effective means of promoting art and culture.

Furthermore, Minister Jamal Shah announced the special invitation of Central Asian States to participate in the second phase of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Cultural Caravan. The ambassador and minister agreed to enhance cooperation in cultural exchanges and to continue discussions on topics of mutual interest.

Source: The Nation