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Siraj Invites Zakir Naik to Visit Pakistan

Chief of Jamaat-e-Islami Sirajul Haq has made a telephonic contact with the distinguished religious scholar Dr Zakir Naik, extending an invitation for his visit to Pakistan.

During their discussion, the two leaders delved into a range of pressing topics, including Islamophobia, the imperative need for unity among the Muslim Ummah, and other formidable challenges confronting the Muslim World. Additionally, matters of mutual significance were also explored.

Meanwhile, in a statement issued from Mansoorah on Monday, the JI Emir demanded relief in power tariffs, saying the government, instead of burdening consumers, should address issues such as power theft and the unbridled consumption of electricity by the ruling elite. He said the JI would persist in its protest movement against inflation and the exorbitant electricity bills until the aspirations of the people were met.

“We have initiated the movement in southern Punjab and plan to hold sit-ins in front of governor houses in the coming days for the protection of the rights of the masses.”

He brought attention to the substantial profits accrued by sugar mill owners, asserting that the price of sugar should not exceed 100 rupees per kilogram. He elaborated that millers purchase sugarcane from farmers at a rate of 300 rupees per 40 kilograms and produce 4.5 kilograms of sugar from it, along with other by products.

He said the Punjab government’s decision to procure sugar from millers at a price of Rs140 per kilogram and subsequently sell it to the public at the same rate was an injustice to the less privileged, ultimately serving to bolster the profits of sugar mill owners.

He attributed the prevailing issues of inflation, unemployment, and lawlessness to the policies of past governments. He criticized the PDM, the PPP, and the PTI for their failures and asserted that they had been thoroughly exposed.

He contended that these former ruling parties were now attempting to deceive the masses once more. Consequently, he implored the populace not to place their trust in these tried and tested parties, but rather to vote for the JI to usher in genuine change.

He urged the caretaker government to refrain from emulating the policies of their predecessors and swiftly combat inflation. He clarified that increasing power and gas tariffs did not fall within the purview of the caretaker government, as their sole responsibility was to collaborate with the Election Commission to ensure the conduction of free and fair elections.

Source: Business Recorder