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Pakistan Religious Ministry Launches Short Hajj

The Ministry of Religious Affairs has introduced short Hajj for Pakistani pilgrims, as per a Senate Standing Committee on Religious Affairs meeting held under the chairmanship of JUIF leader Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Hyderi.

Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Aneeq Ahmed said the short Hajj will be 18 to 20 days long and the decision to opt for it will be made by the pilgrims themselves. 

The chairman committee instructed: “The duration of short Hajj should be from 18 to 30 days.”

The caretaker minister said the proposal will be considered at length.

Saudi Arabia authorities also directed to redcue the number of Hajj companies from 905 to 46. 

Aneeq Ahmed recently held in discussions regarding pilgrimage arrangements for the upcoming year with Saudi Minister of Hajj and Umrah, Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah, during his visit to the kingdom.

Ahmed was on the week-long trip to Saudi Arabia, met senior officials to explore the expansion of the Makkah Route Initiative, extending its convenience to Pakistani pilgrims beyond Islamabad.

After his conversation with the Saudi minister, Ahmed announced that Saudi Arabia had agreed to enhance facilities for Pakistani pilgrims preparing for Hajj in the upcoming year.

He emphasized the importance of promptly finalizing accommodation, food, and travel arrangements for the pilgrims.

In a statement issued by his ministry, Ahmed also conveyed his request for the swift finalization of the flight schedule for Pakistani pilgrims and urged that they be housed in proximity to the religious sites.

He advocated for the expansion of the Makkah Route project to encompass other cities beyond Islamabad, making the pilgrimage journey more accessible and convenient for all Pakistani pilgrims.

Source: SamaaTV