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Afghanistan Embassy Calls on Pakistan to Reopen Torkham Crossing

Sardar Ahmed Shakib, the acting Afghan ambassador in Islamabad, urged the Pakistani government to reopen the Torkham crossing promptly.

During a meeting with Pakistan’s Special Representative for Afghanistan, Asif Durrani, the Afghan envoy, Sardar Ahmed Shakib, emphasized the critical importance of reopening the Torkham crossing. He underscored that the closure of the Torkham gate has adverse consequences for both Afghanistan and Pakistan.

He also highlighted the challenges faced by travellers and traders stranded at the Torkham crossing.

Meanwhile, Pakistan’s Special Representative for Afghanistan Affairs expressed Pakistan’s shared concern, emphasizing that the closure of the Torkham crossing would adversely impact the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Asif Durrani further disclosed that he has initiated efforts within Pakistan’s relevant institutions to expedite the reopening of the Torkham crossing, recognizing the urgency of the situation.

The Torkham crossing shuttered after a border skirmish between Afghan and Pakistani forces last Wednesday.

This development prompted urgent calls from both sides to reopen the crucial border point, recognizing the significant impact its closure had on travellers and traders.

Source: Khaama