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The Most Dangerous Man in the World is Enabled by Hypocrites in the West

He is the most dangerous leader in the world today. An unhinged psychopath in charge of nuclear weapons who has spent a lifetime dehumanising his enemy, and dismissing them and their children as animals. Instead of being condemned by the so-called civilised world, however, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is being supported and defended even though — or perhaps because — he is committing war crimes against the Palestinian people.

Watch his performance on this video . This is a man erupting with toxic hubris who will never recover from the public humiliation delivered to him by Hamas fighters last weekend. Zionist keyboard warriors will be thumping outraged responses to my words, I’m sure, but before they do, they should take some time to read this article from the Jerusalem Post.

Astonishingly, an overwhelming majority of 86 per cent of respondents, including 79 per cent of Israel’s far-right coalition government supporters, said the surprise attack from Gaza was a failure of the country’s leadership. Yes, that’s right. Four out of five Jewish Israelis believe that the government and Netanyahu are to blame for the mass infiltration by Hamas into Israel and the killings that followed, according to a new Dialog Centre poll released five days after the attack.

It is a poll that is being analysed widely by the Arab and Asian media, but is being given a wide berth by the mainstream media in the West, which has yet to catch up with the reality of dissenting Israelis on the ground. How shameful that the once great liberal newspaper the Observer has published an out-of-touch article in an unbridled moment of psychosis. Sadly, it is not alone. The mainstream media in Britain, Europe and America is focusing instead on the obscene violence of Israel’s “revenge” bombing and collective punishment — a war crime — of civilians in the Gaza Strip. Having been duped into pushing out fake news from pro-Israel propagandists, instead of apologising to its readers the Daily Telegraph took the extraordinary decision to publish a photograph released by the Israeli government that appears to show the body of a baby murdered by Hamas fighters. The blood-stained infant, still dressed in a Babygro suit and nappy, lies inside a white plastic body bag.

Having seen such sights many times in the killing fields of Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and parts of US-drone-hit Pakistan, I believe the image to be genuine. As human beings, we all bleed and hurt in the same way. Bodies riddled by bullets frequently do not reveal the once living person’s skin colour, nationality or religion. We are all God’s creation. It is almost impossible to distinguish between heroes and villains when looking at the corpses of war in Gaza today.

The baby’s face is blurred out (how sensitive of Tel Aviv) but all anyone looking at this picture will see is an innocent victim of a brutal occupation and war. Had this been a Palestinian baby — and at the time of writing the death toll stands at 637 children in Gaza, and Israeli forces have killed seven Palestinian children in the occupied West Bank in the past 24 hours — Netanyahu would not have looked twice before dismissing the child as an animal. That’s what he and his ministers in Israel regard the Palestinians as, men, women and children alike.

Source : MEMO