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Javed Akhtar Believes Formation of Pakistan was a ‘Mistake’

As if Javed Akhtar’s anti-Pakistan statement was not enough, the Indian poet has given another controversial statement saying that the formation of Pakistan was the ‘biggest blunder’.

The renowned lyricist recently appeared at an event in Mumbai, where he was asked if the formation of Pakistan was a mistake.

According to an Indian website, Hindustan Times, Javed Akhtar he was talking about Hindu supremacist demanding a ‘Hindu rashtra’.

The website quoted Akhtar saying, “The British made a similar attempt – to create nations based on religions – but failed miserably. He was talking about the creation of Pakistan at a Mumbai event when he made the statements.”

Then, he was asked if the creation of Pakistan was a mistake. To this, Akhtar replied, “If a book were to be written about 10 blunders that human beings have made, the creation of Pakistan would certainly figure in it. It was illogical, unreasonable.”

He said that it was not right, “It was very illogical – religion does not make a nation, it is not enough of a glue.”

He further said, “There (in Pakistan), Ahmedaiyas and Shias are no longer considered Muslims. That exclusion continues, but what have we learned from them?”

He also commented on his recent anti-Pakistan statement at the Faiz Festival, for which he received flak from Pakistani celebrities, while he was praised back home.

Despite the backlash, Akhtar has stood by his comments and reiterated his statement adding that it is necessary to speak out even if it caused controversy.

Hindustan Times reported, “I make such controversial comments in the country where I was born and will die, why would I be scared in a country I was visiting for two days? I am not scared here, why would I be scared there?” Akhtar said when asked about the statement.

Later, he said that he might not be allowed to go back to Pakistan again.

Source : Samaa English