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Eyres Monsell: Garden transformed into winter wonderland for family

Four children arrived home from school to find their back garden had been transformed into a “winter wonderland”.

The family’s garden in Eyres Monsell, Leicestershire was adorned with an igloo, Christmas trees and fake snow after they won a competition.

Their mother, Gayle, said the set-up was perfect for her four boys, who have learning difficulties.

The display, which was installed by Pontefract-based The Ice Co, was visited by Santa Claus and two elves.

One of the boys described the new-look garden as “wonderful”

Moments before the children arrived home to find the surprise, Gayle told BBC East Midlands Today: “The kids are going to love it – they’re going to absolutely love it.

“They don’t like crowds and big loud noises so they’ll love it. [It’s] inclusive, in the back garden where there is nobody else so they can play with themselves.”

Their grandmother Dianne said she was “emotional” when she saw her grandchildren’s faces upon arriving back from school.

“I had to hold [back the tears] as I’m doing now,” she said.

“It was the joy, the look on their faces. They love things like this and they can’t go outside to things like this, so to have it in their garden is fantastic.”

The Ice Co ran the competition on its Facebook page, saying it wanted to “give a really deserving family a magical white Christmas.”

Source : BBC