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Year of Pakistan-China Tourism Exchanges Highlighted by Gandhara Art Exhibition

BEIJING: The Palace Museum and the Department of Archaeology and Museums of Pakistan have jointly organized an exhibition that has been ongoing for three months now, and it has attracted a variety of visitors, including scholars, professionals, and art enthusiasts.

The exhibition, which opened last month, features 203 artifacts, with 173 from seven museums in Pakistan and 30 from the Palace Museum. The event also includes interactive activities, art installations, and multimedia presentations aimed at helping visitors understand the cultural history of the region.

The exhibition highlights Ancient Gandhara’s cultural history, a bustling trade centre along the Silk Road. This exhibition is one of the major events being held to celebrate 2023 as the Year of China-Pakistan Tourism Exchanges.

Pakistan’s ambassador to China, Moin ul-Haque, said the exhibition has generated significant interest among Chinese people, promoting cultural and people exchanges between Pakistan and China. He further said the exhibition, initially scheduled for three months, is expected to continue for months due to the public’s interest.

National Heritage and Culture Division Secretary Fareena Mazhar, who led the Pakistani delegation in the opening ceremony, said the exhibition would promote shared heritage and enhance people-to-people contact between Pakistan and China.

The event would benefit not only the general public but also Chinese scholars and professionals to understand Pakistan’s cultural heritage. Scholars from both countries can exchange visits to historical sites and train experts, she added.

Museums Deputy Director Dr. Mahmood ul Hassan present at the exhibition launch, suggested that Pakistan should learn from China’s successful efforts to preserve ancient art. By studying China’s preservation methods and applying similar techniques to Pakistani stone crafts, Pakistan can preserve its ancient art.

Dr. Hassan highlighted that Chinese culture has a long history of preserving traditional arts and crafts through modern technology and techniques, and Pakistani artisans could learn from China’s example.

The exhibition showcases the artistic charm of Gandhara culture and its influence on China and East Asia. This cultural event aims to promote cultural exchanges between Pakistan and China, and it is a significant step in celebrating the Year of China-Pakistan Tourism Exchanges.

The exhibition, which runs until June 15, is an opportunity for visitors to learn about the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan and its ancient art.

Source : Pakistan Today