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Mehwish Hayat Lashes Out at Apple Music for Adding Pakistani Songs in ‘Indian Pop’

Pakistani actress and celebrity Mehwish Hayat disapproved of Apple Music describing Coke Studio as ‘Indian pop’.

Mehwish Hayat, a well-known actress from Pakistan, came across the situation and took it to social media to share it with her fans. Mehwish is also regarded as one of Pakistan’s top actresses and stars and has acted in a number of movies, including “Na Maloom Afraad,” “Jawani Phr Nahi Ani,” “Load Wedding,” “Baaji,” and “London Nahi Jaunga.” However, now that she has also made her Hollywood debut, she has stopped acting in dramas.

“Just saw iTunes/Apple Music – music platform classifies our Coke Studio Pakistan as Indian Pop Music,” Mehwish Hayat wrote on her Instagram account.

She added, “All other episodes are titled “Worldwide” or “Asia” rather than putting them under “Pakistani.” Please, AppleMusic, give us at least this one! Coke Studio is a Pakistani success, and we ought to be acknowledged for it.”

Fans have expressed their opinions about this. A fan said, “Learn to love it respect it embraced Pakistani pop always carries a punch that no other music could ever touch all hail all hell yeah our boss our Queen our goddess this is her Queendom.”

Another stated, “Only Mehwish had the courage to speak up. Of course, Pakistan’s Coke studio has its own calibre, recognition, and standards. That deserves to be praised specifically.”

While others believe that this is a really strong issue to ponder about. One quoted, “You are the first person to call for Pakistani music to have its own name.”

Source : SAMAA