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Balochistani Shah Rukh Khan Fans Etch ‘SRK’ Sand Art Into Pakistan Beach

From the crowded city streets of Mumbai to the remote, windswept coasts of Pakistan, the King of Bollywood’s magnetic influence transcends borders.

Now, in a stunning tribute to the timeless legacy of Shah Rukh Khan, his fans in Pakistan have carved a sand art depicting the face into the Gadani Beach of Balchoistan.

Sameer Soukat, a member of the Rashidi artists group, recently took to Instagram to share a captivating image of the stunning Balochistani sand portrait — a testament to Shah Rukh’s enduring stardom.

“The biggest sketch of @iamsrk was made and gifted by me @sameershoukat11 and my team @rashidi.artist.gaddani admin,” the artist wrote.

In a distinct and separate update, Mr. Soukat unveiled a spellbinding aerial footage of the awe-inspiring sand art, causing a flurry of applause and adulation across various social media platforms.

Subsequent to their posting on the popular social media platform, Instagram, the aforementioned content has garnered a multitude of views and likes from the discerning audience. Within the comment section, while certain individuals have extolled the artists for their exceptional craftsmanship, others have inundated the space with a profusion of heart and lovestruck emojis, indicative of their ardent admiration for the artwork in question.

Shah Rukh Khan has been the undisputed muse of numerous colossal artistic masterpieces, that have captured the very essence of his charismatic persona previously.

In 2016 tribute to SRK on his birthday, renowned sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik brought to life an exquisite portrait with the words “Happy Birthday King Khan” etched into the sands of Puri beach in Odisha.

Source : Times Now News