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Afghan Taliban Urges Pakistan To Initiate Peace Talks With Banned Tehreek-E-Taliban Pakistan

In a unique development, the Afghan Taliban has made an unusual request to the Pakistan government, urging them to initiate peace talks with the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) terrorist group. This request came after Pakistan’s latest efforts to pressure the Taliban-led interim government in Afghanistan to take decisive action against the TTP failed to achieve any progress.

Pakistan dispatched its special envoy, Ambassador Asad Durrani, to Kabul for a three-day trip to convey the message that action against the TTP was crucial, given the group’s involvement in major terror attacks in Pakistan. However, the Afghan Taliban leadership remained steadfast in their stance, advising Pakistan to prioritize peace over the use of force in dealing with the TTP, according to PTI.

The Afghan Taliban’s suggestion for peace talks may come as a surprise, given that the TTP has been responsible for escalating violence and attacks in Pakistan. Nevertheless, the acting Prime Minister of Afghanistan, Maulvi Abdul Kabir, emphasized the importance of peaceful negotiations and expressed his belief that peace in Pakistan would also benefit Afghanistan.

Despite Pakistan’s accusations that the Taliban government in Kabul tolerates the presence of TTP militants, Afghanistan’s leadership assured Ambassador Durrani that they maintain a policy of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries. They also promised not to allow their soil to be used against any neighboring country, including Pakistan.

The outcome of Ambassador Durrani’s trip will be closely watched by both countries, as Pakistan is unlikely to accept the Afghan Taliban’s offer for peace talks with the TTP immediately. Pakistan’s civil and military leadership previously decided to abandon the peace process with the TTP, only considering talks if the group surrenders.

Source : outlook