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Saudi Arabia Wishes Pakistan on 77th Independence Day

Saudi Arabia’s embassy in Islamabad congratulated Pakistan on its 77th Independence Day on Monday, with wishes for the South Asian nation’s continued progress and prosperity.

Pakistan has deep-rooted ties with the Kingdom which range from trade, defense, military, and various other sectors. Saudi Arabia is home to more than two million Pakistani expatriates, making it the largest contributor to remittance inflows.

“The Kingdom’s embassy in #اسلام_آباد is pleased to congratulate the brotherly government and people of #باكستان on the Independence Day of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, with sincere wishes for continued progress and prosperity,” the KSA embassy said on Twitter.

The United States, China, the United Arab Emirates, and other countries also congratulated Pakistan on Sunday as the nation geared up to celebrate its 77th Independence Day.

Pakistan achieved independence from British colonial India on August 14, 1947, after Britain partitioned the subcontinent into two separate nations, Muslim-majority Pakistan and Hindu-majority India.

Source : Arab News