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A Rare Condition that Makes a 10-Month-Old Baby in Pakistan ‘Pregnant’ with its Twin

Baby has to undergo surgery because of a strange finding in his stomach. The doctor found his twin fetus in the stomach which turned out to be undeveloped.
This case began when a 10-month-old baby was taken to hospital because of stomach ache. The baby’s father said the stomach ache had occurred since the baby was born.

The unnamed baby has received a lot of care. However, nothing could cure the pain the baby was experiencing.

Until finally, the baby girl was treated at a hospital in Sadiqabad City, Pakistan. He underwent an ultrasound scan and is believed to have a tumor in his stomach.

The baby is also believed to have ascites, which is a painful condition where fluid collects in the space inside the stomach. He was taken to the operating theater where pediatric surgeon Mushtaq Ahmed was on duty.

“When the operation began, everything seemed to be going as expected. However, after a span of two hours, an object appeared after the tumor was removed from the young girl’s stomach,” explained Mushtaq Ahmed, quoted from The Sun , Monday (4/9/2023).

“It was discovered that the tumor was actually a fetus,” he continued.

This phenomenon is called Vanishing Twin Syndrome. This is a condition where there is an undeveloped fetus in the baby’s body, or a fetus in the fetus.

“This happens to one in a million people. Samples have been sent to the laboratory for further comprehensive testing,” he explained.

Vanishing twin syndrome is a condition that occurs in multiple pregnancies or births involving twins or triplets. Quoted from the Cleveland Clinic, this occurs when the embryo detected during the ultrasound cannot be found on the next ultrasound.

In that case, the embryo stops developing, and its tissue is absorbed by the mother, or gestational parents, and the surviving embryo.

Source : Detik Health